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Hi! I’m Iphi. (Pronounced EE-fee) I am a young professional based in Montreal, Canada. I grew up in the countryside of Quebec and have been living in the city for about 8 years. Art history, books, and my cats occupy about 90% of my free time. I blog during work hours and occasionally while my partner watches hockey next to me on the couch.

I launched Travel Choreography because my sister got tired of me always organizing our trips. (Honestly, I can be a bit bossy when it comes to vacation planning!) I just love arranging our travel adventures so much that I couldn’t resist. So, I opened my computer, purchased a domain name, and that’s how we got here today.

About me

What is Travel Choreography ?

As someone who loves to travel, I’ve developed a strong interest in eco-friendly tourism, responsible travel, and designing in-depth itineraries that prioritize cultural experiences and taking things at a relaxed pace.

Through Travel Choreography, I want to inspire others to go on meaningful journeys that go beyond just touristy places. I take joy in planning detailed itineraries that let people explore the heart of a location, discover hidden gems, and experience the authentic culture of their destination. From savoring local food and enjoying traditional events to supporting community-based initiatives, I love taking my time when I travel. Join me as we discover hidden treasures and have enriching experiences that leave a positive mark on us and the places we visit.

The Art of Slow Travel

In a busy world, I love to savor slow travel. It’s not just about checking places off a list; it’s about fully experiencing and connecting with each destination.

When I travel, I like to stay in one place for a bit longer. This way, I can take my time to explore beyond the usual tourist hotspots.

I enjoy the little things like:

  • Charm: Walking down lovely streets
  • Cheer: Striking up conversations with locals
  • Chocolate: Finding cozy cafes in quiet corners

Who reads Travel Choreography?

Travel Choreography is a website about travel planning. It’s for people who want ideas for their travel itineraries and those looking for information about harder-to-reach places. If you enjoy

  • nature,
  • taking things slowly while traveling,
  • exploring different cultures,

you’ll find yourself right at home here.

Why are most of my picture from Flickr?

When it comes to sharing pictures on my travel blog, I’ve chosen not to use my own photos.

I made this decision because :

  • I don’t want to feel stressed about taking perfect shots or going to specific places just for pictures.
  • I also don’t want to leave out attractions that others might find interesting just because I haven’t been there myself.
  • Plus, there are many talented photographers who are better than me at taking pictures.

By not using my own photos, I can focus on providing a more inclusive experience and showcase the work of skilled photographers who capture the beauty of different destinations I loved.

Become a Travel Photographer

I often come across talented photographers who may not have a blog to share their work. If you’re a photographer based in Spain or Morocco and would like your photos to be featured on the blog, feel free to send me a message. Your photography deserves a broader audience.

Polar Bears

Saving the Polar Bears

Completely unrelated. Being a girl from the far north, I certainly don’t dream of meeting a polar bear. However, their cause is close to my heart. While you’re here, I suggest that, instead of buying me a coffee, you make a little gesture to help save them.