5 Magical Treehouses for Glamping in the True North

5 Magical Treehouses for Glamping in the True North
Image by Rick Schwartz via Flickr

Treehouses made our dreams when we were young. They were our own house and made us think every fantasy was possible. They were the setting of our adventures and the guardians of many of our friend’s secrets. When we grow up, our vision of things becomes a little different; but the magic is still there!! I love this kind of accommodation because it reminds me of my childhood in the countryside and creates, even if only for a few nights, a connection with nature.

Canada and its vast forest have benefited from the rise of ecotourism in the past decade. We have seen the emergence of several lodging options far from major centers. Unsurprisingly, people are crazy about it! We find cabins in trees are one of many options. There are also plenty of domes, design-minded cabins, yurts, and even floating yurts! On the other hand, the aerial housing options were exceptional enough to warrant their own post. So here are 5 Magical Treehouses to stay in (or rather “glamp”!) in Canada.

On a side note: I decided not to include Treehouse Airbnb (although some were very nice) to promote local businesses.

Qualicum Beach,
British Colombia

An Artistic Sphere Treehouse

Free Spirit Spheres is a unique treehouse resort and one of the only 2 places in the country offering this type of accommodation. These sphere tree houses on Vancouver Island are pretty luxurious despite their diameter of 3.2 m. They all provide a double bed and can accommodate 2 people. Each one has a small kitchen and lounge area and 5 windows. One sphere even has a skylight, perfect for star gazing through the canopy. Access to the spheres is provided via aerial installations (bridge, spiral staircase). In the summertime, you can pop open a window and hear the birds singing. Since it’s not possible in the winter, the speaker system will come in handy!

For those who wonder about access to water and bathrooms, everything has been thought of! Filtered water is accessible inside the tree sphere, toilets are at its base, and a full-fledged bathroom is available within 50 meters. You can drink your coffee and read your book snuggly as all spheres are heated with an electric system.

The spheres change location every season, which allows you to live a new experience each time!

Price per night: Starts at 355 CAD $/night
Open season: All year round
Distance from Vancouver: 138 km
Nearest airport: Comox Airport (YQQ)
Their website

A night at the Free Spirit Spheres could be the perfect stop on the road from Nanaimo to Tofino.

Saint Fulgence,

A Rustic Sphere Treehouse

We find the only other place offering suspended spheres on the other side of the country. Leaving the tree sphere of Vancouver Island and its temperate rainforest, this site is located directly by the Saguenay fjord, the southernmost fjord in North America.

Surrounded by the boreal forest, the spheres of Parc Aventure Cap Jaseux can accommodate up to 4 people, thanks to their double bed and bunk bed combo. This accommodation is closer to camping than its West Coast cousin: although it has a lighting system, there is no heating or electricity. Drinking water and a god-sent toilet are located just outside the spheres. The remainder of the sanitary facilities is within 300 meters. This accommodation is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts (Especially for people who are not fond of camping while their partner is!)

A campfire facility is available on the Cap Jaseux site so you can make some smores before admiring the stars twinkling above the majestic river. The view really is spectacular here!

Price per night: Starts at 251 CAD $/night
Open season: Beginning of May to the Begginig of October
Distance from Quebec City: 234 km
Nearest airport: Bagotville Airport (YBG)
Their Website (Parc Aventure Cap Jaseux also boasts a treetop trekking park.)

White Point,
Nova Scotia

An Oceanic Treehouse

We finally go further east and leave the forest to reach the Oceanfront Treehouses of Nova Scotia. Luxury is more present here than ever. The decoration and design of the place were a top priority for the White Point Beach Resort. These treehouses, accommodating up to 2 people, offer the perfect mix of natural ruggedness and cozy interiors. You’d think you are on the edge of the earth. Luckily the cabin has a lovely private patio, so you can take in the scenery comfortably.

The cabins offer everything one is looking for in glamping: Air Conditioning and Heat, a kitchenette, and a full bathroom. An interior fireplace and a TV provide entertainment for long evenings after sunset. In addition, on the site of the White Point Beach Resort, there are bonfires, Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, and a spa. This is the perfect accommodation for winter glamping in Nova Scotia or a simply romantic weekend.

Price per night: Starts at 300 CAD $/night (min. 2 nights)
Open season: All year round
Distance from Halifax: 156 km
Nearest airport: Halifax Airport (YHZ)
Their Website

Joe Batt’s Arm,

An Luxury Treehouse-like Resort

And if you thought we couldn’t go further than eastern Nova Scotia, you were wrong. It’s also probably the closest you’ll get to Greenland without going to Iceland. The Fogo Island Inn is a feast for the eyes and the imagination. Can you call a stay in a 5-star hotel whose cheapest room costs CAD$2875 a night glamping? Certainly not. But we are still tempted when we consider the remoteness of this magnificent hotel on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

I could only partially describe some of what is included in the rooms and the hotel since there is only some I could fit in this small paragraph. Therefore, I leave you the pleasure of consulting their website.

Price per night: Starts at 2875 CAD $/night (The price of the Flat Earth Suite on the image on to the right is only available upon request.)
Open season: All year round
Distance from St John’s: 457 km
Nearest airport: Gander Airport (YQX)

Their Website

And Ontario in all this?

Despite being the most populous province in the country, sadly Ontario doesn’t seem to have gotten in on the fun eccentric cabin trend. There were no treehouses to stay in Ontario; there do have some cute cabins, though. I suppose it’s the price to be paid to have so many quaint coffee houses in Toronto.

Les Éboulements,

A Perfect-mix Treehouse

I tried to find a charming aerial cabin for Ontario, but none fulfilled this list’s criteria. So I went back to the surrounding provinces and finally landed again in Quebec: Because that’s where Ontarians looking for a treehouse will eventually go. The UHU treehouse of Repère Boréal is the perfect mixture of the 4 cabins above. It’s chic and affordable. The cabin offers a Queen bed, Wi-Fi, a sound system, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. If you get out of the accommodation (not that you will really want to), an outdoor fireplace and access to the Spa on the estate are included in the price.

Its charms are most apparent in winter landscapes, making it my favorite choice for a cold-season escapade.

Price per night: Starts at 329 CAD $/night (min. 2 nights)
Open season: All year round
Distance from Quebec City: 110 km
Nearest airport: Québec City Airport (YQB)

Their Website