What makes the best flamenco in Granada different?

best flamenco in granada
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I’ll be honest; Granada is my favorite city in Southern Spain. It seems to embody everything any traveler seeks in the region: a rich history, breathtaking architecture, charming boutique hotels, and, of course, absolutely fantastic tapas.

Plus, when it comes to seeing a flamenco show in Andalusia, most would argue that city in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada is the best place to do so. There’s a good reason for that—It’s often considered the birthplace of flamenco.

key takeaways

  • The best cities to see flamenco show in Andalusia are Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Granada, and Cordoba.
  • The traditional flamenco of Granada is called zambra mora.
  • The best place to see a flamenco show in Granada are in Albaicin and in El Centro.
What makes the best flamenco in Granada different? flamenco in granada

Best in Granada: Get tickets for the
Tablao Flamenco Casa Ana Granada.

History of Flamenco in Granada

Flamenco is made of 3 ingredients: singing, guitar playing, and dancing. Surprisingly, it’s the dance that came last in this beautiful art. The cities of Granada, Cadiz, Jerez, and Huelva each have their unique flamenco traditions.

The history of flamenco is intrinsically linked to that of the Roma population in Spain.

Many believe that flamenco originated in the Sacromonte neighborhood, situated high in the mountains above Granada. This area is renowned for its cave houses, where the Moriscos and the Gypsies found refuge in the 15th century. It’s said that this musical tradition literally began under the earth’s surface.

In Granada, we call it the zambra

Today, flamenco in Granada has bloomed into the hypnotic show we know and love. The zambra is performed barefoot, often with a knotted blouse just below the chest, and sometimes resembles belly dancing.

The Zambra is the most traditional form of flamenco and incidentally the one that was born in Granada. It is tpically performed in venues known as tablaos. It bears a lot of resemblance to the flamenco dance you’ll see in Almería.

Where to see a flamenco show in Granada?

There are many places to see a flamenco performance in Granada:

It’s hard to find a bad flamenco show in Granada, but I highlighted the place that are usually considered the best ones.

A few years ago, I caught a flamenco show at El Soniquete Andaluz. The experience overall? THe dancing was hypnotic and the guitarist was outstanding. I was instantly mesmerized.

Sadly, it closed down in the years following the pandemic. When I make my way back to Granada, I plan to visit Tablao Flamenco Casa Ana Granada. I keep hearing fantastic things about their performances. Can’t wait to see it for myself!

Side note: Many flamenco shows will pick you up at your hotel and then drop you off after the show.

Flamenco performance in Summer

Summer is a great time to be in Granada if you’re interested in flamenco and dance festivals.

When June come around, the Festival International of Music & Dance takes at quite a few venue in the city, including:

  • Plaza de los Aljibes – A square located in the Alhambra complex
  • Palacio de Carlos V – Inside the Alhambra fortress
  • Corral de Carbon

Don’t miss the Flamenco performances at the Sacromonte Cave Museum‘s outdoor summer festival. Shows are held every Wednesday for one month, either in July or August. You can purchase your tickets at the Museo de las Cuevas.

Other Flamenco Shenanigans

What makes the best flamenco in Granada different? flamenco in granada

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