Marbella to Seville Day Trip (One Day Itinerary and Guide)

Marbella to Seville Day Trip
Image by Juan Rubiano via Flickr

Seville has more orange trees than any other city in the world, making it the perfect backdrop for what I think is the most interesting city in Andalusia.

The iconic city has many interesting things to see, from ancient to modern. On one hand, you have Europe’s oldest royal palace still in use and the world’s largest Gothic cathedral. On the other hand, there are more recent additions like the Plaza de España and Las Setas de Sevilla. With temperatures similar to those in Marrakesh, you could say there’s nowhere hotter in Spain right now than Seville.

While Marbella is a top destination on the Costa del Sol, you should definitely check out the capital of Andalusia. Seville is only 2 hours and 45 minutes away. It’s the perfect spot for a short trip from the beautiful beaches and lively nightlife of Marbella. However, you might want to consider staying overnight.

Our guide’s got everything you need to plan your day trip – how to get there and what to do. Seville’s a great city you won’t want to miss!

key takeaways

  • By taking a day trip from Seville to Marbella, you’ll get to explore Barrio de Santa Cruz, see Plaza de España, and visit the Cathedral of Seville and its Giralda.
  • A day in Seville might be okay, but it’s definitely not enough. It’s such a wonderful city that you might want to stay overnight.

Where is Seville, Spain?

Torrid Seville was built on the plain of the River Guadalquivir. The city lies inland northwest of the Costa del Sol, only 2.5 hours (approximately 210 kilometers) away from Marbella.

where is seville

How to Get to Seville from Marbella

Seville can be reached in a number of ways, with many roads (and buses) connecting the city to Marbella and Málaga.

It might be a rare exception in the region, but there is no way to travel from Marbella to Seville by train. The train network along the Costa del Sol stops at Fuengirola and doesn’t go farther south.

Real Alcazar
Image by Sevilla via Flickr
Marbella to Seville Day Trip, Torre del Oro
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Marbella to Seville Car

If you don’t want to use buses and prefer to drive to Seville on your own schedule, renting a car is definitely the best option. This is especially great if you want to turn the trip into a road adventure and stop at different places along the way.

It’s actually the quickest way to travel from Marbella to Seville.

Self-driving routes from Marbella to Seville

There are actually three different ways you can go about this trip:

  • Best way: The easiest way is to take the A92 through the mountains. It’s about 214 km and takes just over 2.5 hours in normal traffic. You can also stop in Ronda along the way if you like.
  • Going south: Another option is to use the A381 and E5, which cover around 257 km and take about 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Seville. This route goes near Gibraltar and Jerez de la Frontera before reaching Seville.
  • Going east: The last choice is to take the AP-7 and A-92 roads. It takes a little longer (3 hours) but is good if you want to stop in Antequerra.
Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor
Ronda, Image by Manuel Rodas via Flickr
Bridge in Ronda
Ronda, Image by Manuel Rodas via Flickr

Marbella to Seville by Taxi

One of the most expensive ways to go from Marbella to Seville is by taxi.

It’ll probably set you back a few hundred euros for a one-way trip and take about 2.5 hours in regular traffic. If you’ve got some buddies to share the fare with or if you’ve got room in your wallet for a private transfer, then it could be a good option.

Marbella to Seville Bus

There’s a bus that goes straight from Marbella to Seville, but it only leaves twice a day.

One leaves at 9:30 AM (takes 4 hours), and the other at 4:20 PM (takes 4 hours and 40 minutes). Both are run by Avanza. The bus tickets begin at 19 EUR each way.

Seville Organized Tours from Marbella

If you don’t want to bother planning a day trip to Seville and prefer the convenience of a guided tour, there are few options available.

This tour offered by Julià Travel is your best bet for an affordable group tour. Just be prepared for multiple stops along the way to pick up other passengers on the Costa del Sol before heading to Seville.

Gardens of the Real Alcazar of Seville
Image by Alison Clarke via Flickr
Seville Day Trip From Marbella
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How Much Time Do You Need for a Day Trip to Seville from Marbella

In my opinion, Seville is worth more than just a day trip. There’s so much amazing history and fun things to do in Seville; I’d suggest staying at least one night. (See below for my tips on where to stay in Seville.)

But let’s imagine you can only do a day trip to Seville from Marbella. To experience the essence of Andalusia in Seville, try to spend at least 8 hours there.

Getting Around Seville

I’m sure many will agree with me: my favorite way to get around Seville is on foot. Although there are plenty of transport options available (the metro, tram, and bus networks in Seville are great!), you’ll miss out on the charming streets for a bit of convenience.

Parking in the old town can be tricky. If you’re coming with a car, you should probably take a look at this guide on parking in Seville.

What to do in Seville

  • Barrio Santa Cruz: Get lost in the maze of narrow streets in the city’s most beautiful neighborhood
  • Royal Alcázar of Seville: Discover the beautiful courtyard and lush gardens in this historic Moorish palace · Get Tickets
  • Plaza de España: The city’s most iconic square. Expect stunning architecture and colorful ceramic alcoves.
  • Tapas at local bars: There’s no escaping tapas in Seville. These small plates are one of the best ways you can become familiar with the local culture.
  • Catedral de Sevilla: The world’s largest Gothic cathedral, the tomb of Christopher Columbus, and a large minaret turned into a magnificient bell tower· Get Tickets
  • Las Setas de Sevilla: If you’d like to check out Seville from up high, head to the modern Metropol Parasol for some great views
  • Casa de Pilatos: A palace displaying a mix of Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance styles
Patio de Banderas, Barrio de Santa Cruz, Seville
Image by Sevilla via Flickr
Marbella to Seville Day Trip
Image by damian entwistle via Flickr

FAQ and Tips

Best flamenco shows in Seville

There are lots of flamenco shows in Seville and it can be overwhelming when it’s time to make a choice. Here are the ones I recommend when people ask me which one to go to.

  1. Tablao Flamenco Las Setas
  2. Casa de la Memoria
  3. Tablao flamenco Pura Esencia Sevilla
Best flamenco shows in Seville
Image by Norman Walsh via Flickr
Flamenco in Seville
Image by Norman Walsh via Flickr

Seville vs Malaga

Seville and Malaga are arguably the most important cities in Andalusia. While both are unquestionably worth visiting, they offer vastly different experiences. Seville embodies the ultimate old-world destination in this part of Spain, whereas Malaga is its lively modern counterpart by the coast.

If you’re seeking monuments, museums, and cultural experiences, Seville should be at the top of your list. However, if you’re a fan of Picasso or simply desire a larger city than Marbella, then Malaga is the place for you. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

That said, it’s worth noting that getting to Malaga from Marbella is much easier than reaching Seville. However, I think anyone making the trip from Marbella to Seville will find it very worthwhile.

Where to Stay in Seville

It’s always this question, isn’t it? Now, if you’ve decided to spend the night in Seville, I think you’ve made the right choice. Since you’re only here for a short time, you’ll want to stay in the prettiest part of the old town, and that’s Barrio de Santa Cruz.

Mid-rangeJoya del Casco Boutique Hotel From € 141 / night
LuxuryEME Catedral Mercer HotelFrom € 227 / night
LuxuryBoutique Hotel Casa del PoetaFrom € 256 / night
LuxuryHotel Boutique Corral del ReyFrom € 314 / night
Most Popular Tours in Seville, Visiting the Seville Cathedral
Image by ecks ecks via Flickr
Seville Food Tour and Tapas Crawl
Image by Kent MacElwee via Flickr

In summary

Seville is an exceptional city that you can visit from Marbella, but it’s definitely better experienced as an overnight trip. Nowhere else in southern Spain offers such a variety of amazing monuments, tapas bars, and flamenco shows.