Best Churros in Málaga: Where to Find the Best Churrerías

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Everybody who comes to the Costa del Sol has to make a stopover in Málaga. People from all around the world come here for its clear skies, pleasant beaches, and interesting history. Moreover, many travelers pass through as it serves as a major airport hub in southern Spain.

But apart from that, Málaga has something special to offer that adds a delightful note to the city’s charm – the beloved churros. You can find these deep-fried treats all over the city. Even though we’re not exactly sure where these traditional Spanish delights first came from, one thing’s for certain: they’ll go straight to your stomach. Their crispy outside and soft inside win everyone over. Perfect for a weekend breakfast, afternoon tea, or simply just because.

However, a question remains: where can the very best churros in Málaga be found? This is where this guide comes in. It will help you figure out where to find the most authentic and tastiest churros in the city.

key takeaways

  • Málaga is one of the best places in the world for churros and the best café in Málaga to eat them is Casa Aranda.
  • Churros are usually eaten for breakfast in Andalusia and typically dipped in hot chocolate.
  • Churros in Spain can be called different names depending on the region and their shape. You’ll see names such as porras, tejeringos or even tallos.
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Golden streets of Malaga
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Basic Churros-Making Knowledge

Walking through the streets of Málaga, you will definitely catch the aroma of deep-fried dough wafting through the air. It’s an unmistakable invitation to give them a try.

While we’re all familiar with the appearance of churros, let’s delve into what they’re actually made of. Although there’s sometimes debate about including eggs in a churros recipe, the essential ingredients are pretty simple: water, flour, and oil for frying. That’s all you need to whip up some churros

Around the world, these treats are commonly enjoyed for breakfast, often dipped into various hot beverages like hot chocolate, champurrado, café con leche, or even drizzled with a caramel-like sauce such as dulce de leche. However, the classic way to savour churros in Spain is by dunking them into thick and creamy hot chocolate.

If you’re looking to make churros like those you’ll be tasting in Spain at home, here’s a recipe for Traditional Spanish Churros.

Churros vs Tejeringos vs Porras

These three names can sometimes be seen as synonyms. Still, there are some subtle differences between these 3 varieties of Spanish churros.

  • Churros: These are the traditional version of this sweet. The churro is thin and small with fine grooves. Its interior is dense, not airy like the porras.
  • Porras: A few differences set churros and porras apart. Porras are fried in the shape of large spirals before being cut for serving. Also, porras are chunkier and fluffier, with more air inside. Their honeycombed interior makes them ideal for absorbing rich, velvety chocolate. (how can they be so different? There’s a pinch of bicarbonate inside!)
  • Tejeringos : They are the traditional way of making churros in Andalusia. The dough contains flour, yeast, water, and salt. The main difference is that they use less flour, making them lighter. How do you recognize them? They are the only ones served in the shape of actual loops. Tejeringos are named after the instrument used to pour the dough into the oil. Tejeringo is how the treat is referred to in Granada, Cádiz, and Málaga. Depending on the area of Andalusia, they are known by other nicknames: tallos in Jaén, for example, jeringos in Córdoba, or calentitos in Seville.

Which one is the best? That’s up to you. However, porras are excellent for dipping in hot drinks because they can soak up liquids well.

Now that you know about the different types of churros in Málaga, let’s check out some of the best places to get them in the city.

Churros con Chocolate at Casa Aranda
Casa Aranda, Image by Mana Málaga via Instagram
Cafe Bar El Caracol in Malaga
Bar El Caracol, Image by Houjen via Instagram

Cafes with the Best Churros in Málaga

  • Best churros in Málaga overall: Casa Aranda
  • Best tejeringos in Málaga: Churrería Malagueña
  • Best churros near the main attractions: Café Madrid
  • Cheapest Best Churros in Málaga: Bar El Caracol
  • Best Gluten-Free Churros in Málaga: Tejeringo’s Coffee in Churriana

Casa Aranda

Overall Best Churrerías in Málaga

I asked 20 locals for their favorite place to get churros in Málaga. One place was the clear winner: Casa Aranda.

The venue is a proper old-fashioned café. And, In fact, you can’t get more local than Casa Aranda – it’s located right beside the most famous market in Málaga (the Mercado Central de Atarazanas), and it’s been there since 1932.

La Churrería Malagueña

The Place to Try Tejeringos

When it comes to the traditional tejeringos of Málaga, no place does them better than Churreria La Malagueña.

The café offers a variety of chocolate to dip your churros in, which is a delightful addition and perfect if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous. Opt for the classic chocolate pairing for a more authentic experience. Overall, it’s a fantastic spot for churro enthusiasts.

Churros of Cafe Madrid in Malaga
Cafe Madrid, Image by ygygaiai via Instagram
Best Churros in Malaga at Casa Aranda
Casa Aranda, Image by Laura Centrella via Instagram

Café Madrid

Best Churros in the Middle of the Centro Histórico

If you prefer your churros with thinner chocolate, you’ll enjoy the classic churros at Café Madrid.

This old café, running since 1892 and rumored to have been frequented by Málaga’s high society, serves some of the best churros in the historic center of Málaga.

Bar El Caracol

Cheapest Great Churros in Málaga

Just north of Plaza de la Merced, Bar El Caracol is quite a distance from the main tourist area. However, they undoubtedly serve the best churros in the Victoria neighborhood. The coffee, the Pitufo, the classic mollete de antequerano – this place carries authentic tradition.

What’s more, theirs are the most affordable among the best churros in the city.

Tejeringo’s Coffee

Best Gluten-Free Churros in Málaga

Once a local establishment, Tejeringo’s Coffee is now a popular chain known for its tejeringos. However, what sets them apart is their Churriana location, which offers gluten-free churros.

If you’re in search of an authentic Spanish churrería, look no further. This is a must-stop before heading to the airport or even upon arriving. They also have locations in Fuengirola, Mijas, and Seville if you’re craving the taste of Málaga’s authentic churros after you leave the city.

Tips for Enjoying Churros in Málaga

You can smell the churros being made from miles away, but you might not know everything there is to know about this sweet, deep-fried pastry. Here are some tips for enjoying churros in Málaga.

  • Churros for breakfast: As mentioned earlier, churros are usually eaten for breakfast. To truly embrace the local way, I suggest skipping the hotel breakfast at least once during your stay and trying some of the best churros in Málaga.
  • Order hot chocolate with your churros: When it comes to enjoying churros, there’s an unspoken etiquette. Malagueños don’t eat churros on their own. They usually prefer Churros con Chocolate. This means you order hot chocolate to dip the churros in. If you’re not a fan of rich cocoa, you can choose café con leche instead.
  • Get you churros mid-morning: To escape the crowds of locals and well-informed tourists, try to visit churrerías, like in the middle of the morning or later in the afternoon.
  • Don’t overdo it: If you’re used to Brazilian churros, you might think Spanish churros are pretty basic. But that’s what makes them special. People love churros just as they are, without the need for extravagant additions. So, enjoy the authentic taste and savor the simple goodness of Spanish churros in all their glory.
Best Churros in Málaga: Where to Find the Best Churrerías best churros in malaga

Chocolate-making experience: Learn how to make a selection of sweet treats

In conclusion

Málaga has loads of great churrerias, but some are just much better than others!

Whether you find yourself beside the counters of the enticing Casa Aranda or end up on the other side of town for gluten-free churros, the sweetness of Málaga will stay with you long after the last crumbs are gone.