Calle Larios in Málaga: The Best Shopping on the Costal del Sol

Calle Larios in Málaga
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In the center of Málaga, Calle Larios is a place where shopping mixes with elegance and a lively cultural vibe. This famous street, often referred to as the most beautiful in Malaga, attracts both locals and tourists alike.

Learn about its past, the story behind its name, and the events that bring it to life year-round. From fancy shops to cozy cafes and the tastiest churros in town, this lively street reflects Málaga’s cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Come with us as we find out what makes Calle Larios so great.

Calle Larios by day
Image by Alejandro Romero via Flickr
Churros of Cafe Madrid in Malaga
Cafe Madrid, Image by ygygaiai via Instagram

Who constructed Calle Larios

This iconic thoroughfare, which spans just 300 meters, boasts a rich past dating back to the 19th century. Conceived by the visionary businessman José María Larios, the street’s namesake, it was designed to rival the grand boulevards of Europe and to connect the bustling port to the city center.

History of the Calle Larios

Inaugurated in 1891, Calle Larios quickly became the epicenter of Malaga’s social and commercial life. Its architecture, a blend of neoclassical and art deco styles, showcases the opulence of the era. Over the years, this pedestrian-only street has witnessed a myriad of historical moments, most notably the Spanish Civil War.

Over time, Calle Larios has evolved into a vibrant shopping and cultural hub, preserving its architectural charm while embracing contemporary trends. It has become a symbol of Malaga’s resilience and adaptability

Why is it called Calle Larios?

The most well-known street in Malaga is named after the person behind its creation: José María Larios.

What to see in the Calle Larios

As you stroll down Calle Larios, prepare to be enchanted by its picturesque ambiance. The street itself is a sight to behold, with its elegant architecture and a canvas of white marble adorned with intricate designs. This promenade is an open-air art gallery in its own right, so be sure to bring your camera to capture its enduring beauty.

  • International Brand Shops: You won’t feel too far away from home on Calle Larios. This famous shopping street has stores from some of the world’s most well-known brands, like Massimo Dutti, Victoria’s Secret, and Swarovski.
  • Exclusive Fashion Shops: He y fashion lovers! Calle Larios boasts boutiques featuring creations from renowned Spanish designers such as Nicolá and Antonio Parriego. You’ll find high-end fashion shops with the latest styles. So, if you want a stylish outfit or something trendy for your wardrobe – as long as you’re not on a tight budget – you’ll definitely find something great there.
  • Restaurants and Tapas Bars: To truly enjoy Malaga’s food scene, start by visiting the local restaurants on Calle Larios. You’ll find traditional tapas bars serving tasty snacks and fine dining restaurants with Mediterranean-style dishes, offering something delicious for everyone to savor.
  • Wide Variety of Cafés: Looking for a coffee or a sweet treat? You’ll find many cozy cafes on the street where you can sit back, watch people, and enjoy delicious pastries with a well-made coffee. (Plus, the best churros in Malaga are a mere 200 m away from Calle Larios!)
  • Local Products: For those who have a taste for local delights, don’t miss the small shops in Malaga where you can try some of the region’s best olive oils, wines, and other delicious treats that make great souvenirs.

Other Commercial Center in the Centre of Malaga

Calle Larios isn’t the only place to shop in downtown Malaga. There are other places to check out too.

  • Plaza Malaga : a historic area with local shops and cozy cafes.
  • Vialia Malaga : Right next to the main train station, you’ll find a modern shopping area with different stores and places to eat.
  • Pier One (Muelle Uno): If you want to do some high-end shopping while enjoying a nice view of the sea.
  • El Corte Inglés : A massive store that has everything under one roof, spanning multiple levels. The highest floor features a restaurant and a high-end food market.
  • Centre Commercial Larios Centro : Another busy mall with plenty of stores for your shopping needs.
Plaza de la Merced
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Malaga Pier One (Muelle Uno)
Image by Matt Kieffer via Flickr

Where to Eat around Calle Larios

  • Illari Vinos y Tapas: It’s a quaint place with wooden tables and a welcoming vibe. Illari Vinos y Tapas has a lovely and genuine Andalusian vibe. Drop by for a leisurely lunch and order a plate of Salmorejo, a creamy cold tomato soup, garnished with Jamón Serrano and hard-boiled egg.
  • La Taberna del Pintxo Larios: If you like Basque pintxos (northern-style tapas), you should visit La Taberna del Pintxo Larios. It’s a lively place with a cozy atmosphere, just like a typical Spanish hangout. Great restaurant where servers go around serving the food , and you get to pick what you like! Go there for lunch or dinner and try their extensive selection of pintxos and tapas.
  • La Cabrera: La Cabrera offers a cozy and rustic setting with warm lighting and wooden accents. It’s a great spot for a carnivorous feast. This Argentinian steakhouse is perfect for a hearty Argentine lunch or a steak-centered dinner. Their succulent Bife de Chorizo, a classic Argentine sirloin, is a must-try.
  • KORTXO: It seems that Basque cuisine has taken center stage in Malaga. Enjoy the tasty Basque food in a small, cozy place with soft lights, great for a romantic night out. Visit for a special dinner in this warm setting and make sure to try the Pulpo a la brasa, octopus cooked on an open flame.
  • BYOKO: A small café with lots of varied, delicious vegan/veggie options on the menu.
Calle Larios in Málaga: The Best Shopping on the Costal del Sol calle larios

Calle Larios with a Guide: Discover the Málaga’s Historical Center (including the Calle Larios) and the historic origins of the city

How to Get There

Calle Larios is right in the middle of Malaga’s historic center.

With a car: If you’re driving to Malaga, be aware that parking in the city center is limited, and it can be tough to navigate the narrow streets. It’s a good idea to park in one of the central parking garages, like the one at Plaza de la Marina, and then walk to Calle Larios.

From the Train Station: If you’re coming to Malaga by train, you’ll get off at Malaga-María Zambrano Station. Calle Larios is about a 20-minute walk from the train station.

Events at Calle Larios

  • Malaga Film Festival: The Malaga Film Festival happens every March. During this time, Calle Larios is decorated with a big red carpet and posters featuring the actors from the films being shown. The movies are screened at the Teatro Cervantes. (Google Maps) The festival was created to shine a spotlight on Spanish movies, but also highlights Ibero-American films.
  • Easter and Semana Santa: As Easter gets closer, the famous street becomes a colorful sight. Calle Larios is especially important because it’s part of the official route for the Semana Santa procession. Elaborate floats with Biblical statues, dressed in robes, move through the crowds while participants walk along with reverence.
  • Málaga Fashion Week: The main event of Larios-Málaga Fashion Week happens, as you probably guessed, on Calle Larios. Also known as Pasarela Larios, it’s the longest haute couture catwalk in Europe. This event takes place every September on its impressive blue runway.
  • Christmas Lights: Each night during the Christmas season, Calle Larios is lit up with bright lights. The Christmas Lights season ends on January 6, 2024, with Three Kings Day. Calle Larios is the main attraction, but in 2022, there were over a million lights in more than 500 streets across Malaga.
Christmas Lights in Malaga
Image by Robert Pittman via Flickr
Málaga Fashion Week
Image by Ayuntamiento de Málaga via Flickr