Seville to Cádiz Day Trip (One Day Itinerary and Guide)

Cádiz Day Trip
Image by Antonio Soto Patiño via Flickr

Where is Cádiz, Spain?

Wind-swept Cadiz was built on a rocky outcrop in the gulf of the same name. The city lies on the Atlantic Coast, only 1.5 hours (approximately 120 kilometers) away from Seville and at a similar distance northwest of Gibraltar.

Sandy beach in Cadiz, Spain
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Cadiz Sea Front
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How to Get to Cádiz from Seville

With numerous buses and trains linking the city to Seville, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa María, there are several ways to get to Cádiz.

Seville to Cádiz Train

You can reach Cadiz in 1.5 hours by taking the fastest train from Seville.

How Much Time Do You Need for a Day Trip to Cádiz from Seville

What you want to see completely determines how much time you need for your trip to Cadiz. To fully get a sense of this stunning port city, try to spend at least 6 hours there.

Cadiz port
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detail in the architecture of cadiz
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Getting Around Cádiz

Parking in the old town of Cadiz can be tricky. If you’re coming with a car, it’s probably easier to park in the new city and explore the old town on foot.

What to do in Cádiz

  • Catedral de Cádiz: Called ‘new’ because the previous building was completely destroyed in the 16th century, inside this grand church, you can find examples of Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassical styles. Plus, the view from the top is gorgeous.
  • La Caleta Beach: A gorgeous beach with a great boardwalk.
  • Tavira Tower: Tallest tower of 133 in Cadiz. Go to the top for a full 360-degree view of the whole city.
  • San Sebastian Castle: Pleasant walk along the waterfront, passing a lovely sandy beach (La Caleta!) on the way to the Cathedral, offering fantastic views of Cadiz.
  • Museo de Cádiz: A free museum with amazing artifacts, especially from the Roman Era
  • Hitting the Beach: Although it may not rival the North Coast of the country, Cadiz is a great spot for surfers in the South of Spain.
La Caleta Beach in Cadiz (Viewed on a day trip from seville)
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San Sebastian Castle in Cadiz
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In Summary

In short, Cádiz makes for a wonderful day trip from Seville. Its beautiful seaside location, along with the impressive Cathedral and the stunning La Caleta Beach, makes it an excellent off-the-beaten-path destination.