Best Time to See the Orange Blossoms of Seville

Best Time to See the Orange Blossoms of Seville
Image by David Hill via Flickr

Introduced to Spain in the 9th century, the orange tree has become deeply intertwined with the region’s identity, shaping traditions, and perfuming the air. Still today, the orange blossoms of Seville are a wonder to everyone coming to the Spanish city.

Unlike its aromatic cousin, neroli, the orange blossom gives off a flowery and citrusy scent, warmed by a touch of sweetness. In Seville, the blossoms carry a rich, floral aroma with a somewhat honeyed undertone.

Despite the city’s fame as a haven for orange blossoms, the annual affair is a brief spectacle, adorning the streets for just a few weeks each year, and remarkably, not during the peak season.

You are invited to savor the magic of the orange blossoms of Seville while they bloom.

key takeaways

  • The orange trees in Seville usually blossom for about three weeks from late February through early March.
  • The Seville oranges are not sweet and have in fact an unpleasant, bitter taste; but are beautiful to look at!
  • In Spain, Seville orange juice is used in fish dishes.
Best Time to See the Orange Blossoms of Seville Orange Blossoms of Seville

The Cathedral and Real Alcazar have rows and rows of beautiful orange trees. Why not pay them a visit?

blossoms in seville
Image by Al Aviles via Flickr
seville in the winter
Image by Al Aviles via Flickr

What are Seville Oranges?

So, what’s the deal with these Seville oranges? Seville oranges, also known as bitter oranges, have a distinct flavor profile that sets them apart from their sweeter counterparts. They’re the cool cousins of the citrus family!

Legend spins tales of Genoese sailors cruising in from Asia, bringing these luck-bringers to Seville. Fast forward, and now, there are more than 40,000 orange trees gracing the city like confetti at a party.

Used centuries ago by the Arabs to create perfumes, Seville oranges have become an integral part of the city’s identity.

Are Seville Oranges Used in Orange Juice?

Are these oranges your go-to for a morning OJ? Not exactly.

They’re the rockstars of marmalade, a renowned spread from the region. But that’s not all – Seville oranges are the VIPs of dishes like arroz con naranja and cod with a dash of Sevilla-style sunshine.

Plus, don’t miss out on the baked goodies and wines infused with that citrusy magic. It’s like Seville saying, “Why just sip when you can savor?”

Orange Blossoms of seville
Image by Kent Wang via Flickr
Orange Blossoms of seville in the Archbishop's Palace
Image by Kent Wang via Flickr

Best Time to Visit for Seville Orange Blossoms

If you dream of seeing Seville’s famous lovely azahar (orange blossoms), the prime time to hit up the city is from late February to early March. That’s when the city transforms into a sweet-scented wonderland, with those blossoms doing their thing and making the air feel downright magical. March brings cool vibes with a touch of sunshine, offering you the perfect weather to casually stroll around the city.

Best Time to See the Orange Blossoms of Seville Orange Blossoms of Seville

2 or 3-day ititenrary in Seville – How to spend your time in the city

bird and oranges
Image by Manuel Caballero via Flickr
Organe blossoms by the river in sevilla
Image by Manuel Caballero via Flickr

Best Places to See Orange Blossom in Seville

And where’s the best spot for this floral fiesta?

  • Alcazar of Seville: Its courtyard becomes draped in orange blossoms like a regal queen.
  • Plaza de los Refinadores: A charming corner that’s practically whispering tales of Seville’s past.
  • Maria Luisa Park: A haven for orange trees.
  • Cathedral of Seville : With its beautiful Patio de los Naranjos

Where to Stay in Seville for the Orange Blossoms

Now, you happen to be in town during the time the orange trees are blooming. You could be walking up to the sweet smell of azahar.

The Barrio de Santa Cruz is the best place to enjoy that special time of the year.

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